Vanessa is brunette with brown eyes and slightly tanned skin and stands at 5’7". She is 22 and studying to be a journalist at Miskatonic University.


Vanessa was born in New York City. Growing up, she always had a great love of stories and books. She would spend hours at the library, pouring over all sorts of books. When she got older, she started reading magazines and newspapers. This exposure to articles, combined with her love of stories, convinced her that she wanted to become a journalist. Since then, she has striven to remain abreast of current events and who’s who in journalism while practicing her writing and interviewing skills. Her single-mindedness and determination and her bookish ways made her a bit of an outcast throughout her life. She is ridiculed frequently by her peers, but does her best to ignore the teasing by focusing on her studies and her passions.


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