Jonathan is a bit of a baby face, he is 23 yrs. old, 6’1" tall with brown hair and green eyes. He has an athletic build, but does not workout on a regular basis. He is easy going and has no problem making friends. He is soft spoken until his values and principles are challenged. His knee aches when the weather is going to change.


Jonathan is a legacy. The men in his family have been attending the same university for five generations. He comes from money, old money, but is suprisingly grounded compared to other kids with his family’s means and influence. Jonathan does care about fashion, but doesn’t dismiss it either. He is a problem solver, especially if he can get his hands dirty doing it.

Jonathan has always had a love for anything that could go fast. At 16 most kides dream of own their own car, Jonathan was building his. On his 15th birthday, his present was a complete kit car, a 1964 Shelby Cobra 427 replica. It took him a year and a hlf to get that car up and running. Three months after Jonathan had finished his car, he was driving home late one night in October. It was an “indian summer” and as he was speeding as usual through the countryside roads, something appeared on the road right in front of him. He swirved to miss the object and ended up rolling his car and slamming it into a tree. It was several months before he was able to start rehabbing his legs. Jonathan never lost his love of speed and that is what has brought him to college. He wants to design and build engines, cars, boats, planes, etc. Actually he wants to change the way man moves on machines.


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